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organizational culture

Greatest Leadership Challenge


Scott Williams, author of Church Diversity: Sunday the Most Segregated Day of the Week (2011 – read my review here) and leadership guru, recently shared what he believes to be the greatest challenge facing leaders today: The Greatest Challenge Facing Leaders Today is a group of followers, team members and co-workers that are unwilling to speak up about what’s wrong, what’s ugly, what’s crazy, what’s ridiculous and what needs to be changed. So What? Part of leading is creating a culture that Read More …

Organizational Clarity


Last week Scott Williams wrote several blog posts summarizing the sessions he attended at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit, including one on a session led by Patrick Lencioni on the importance of organizational health.  Lencioni is the author of ten business books and president of The Table Group, where he focuses on writing and speaking about leadership and organizational life. Williams shares Lencioni's six questions every organization must ask and answer when seeking Read More …

Understanding Organizational Culture


Michael Schrage is a research fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business who advises organizations on the economics of innovation through rapid experimentation, simulation and digital design.  He recently wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review exploring an important way one can learn about organizational culture.  Schrage writes: Paying close attention to customer complaints is a leadership "best practice." Here's a better practice: Pay even closer attention to people's Read More …

Review of Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code

sam chand

Samuel R. Chand.  Cracking Your Church's Culture Code: Seven Keys to Unleashing Vision and Inspiration. Jossey-Bass: 2011. ISBN: 9780470627815. Meet the Author Samuel R. Chand is an author, conference speaker, and consultant.  He has written five books including Cracking Your Church's Culture Code: Seven Keys to Unleashing Vision and Inspiration (2011), Ladder Shifts: New Realities, Rapid Change, Your Destiny (2006),  What's Shakin' Your Ladder? 15 Challenges All Leaders Face (2005) and Read More …