Top 5 Posts of 2016

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Your activity on my blog indicates that the most read So What Faith posts of the year are (according to the number of page views during this calendar year among all posts made during 2016) are

  1. My Transition from Professor to Studenttwu-campus
  2. Search for a Church: 9 Months and Counting
  3. Top 10 Books of 2016
  4. Search for a Church: The Final Four
  5. In Politics and Beyond, #LoveUltimatelyWins

Previous Lists

Check out my top posts of the year for the last five years:

So What?

While leadership (2015) and worship (2014) were the topics of my most popular posts in recent years, this year’s top topic was personal.  Two of the top posts are about my first ever in-depth search for a church that will become my family’s primary faith community while another focuses on my return to higher education as a student.


  • Share any posts that have been especially meaningful, helpful, and/or challenging to you.
  • Share any topics you hope I will address in 2017.

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