Learning from Others

Pope FrancisLast week the Dallas Morning News ran an article comprised of answers to a question asked by Fr. Joshua Whitfield at St. Rita Parish (Catholic) in Dallas, Texas:

Who is someone from another faith tradition either another denomination or another faith altogether that has inspired you, shaped you, or formed you in your own faith? And why is it a good thing to read and study others outside your own faith tradition?


A sampling of responses includes

  • Darrell Bock, a Christian who teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary named a Jewish writer: Abraham Heschel
  • Mike Ghouse, a Muslim who serves as President of the Foundation for Pluralism chose a Catholic leader: Pope Francis
  • Amy Martin, a spiritual but not religious leader who is Director Emeritus of  Earth Rhythms selected Taoism as primary for its lack of creeds, and noted Lao Tze as an exemplar.

So What?

The list is incomplete with your response.  What is your answer to Fr. Whitfield’s question?


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