Tech Required for Church Growth

Bill Tenny-BrittianBill Tenny-Brittian, managing partner for 21st Century Strategies and editor in chief of Net Results Magazine, recently stated that churches that ignore technology cannot grow.  More specifically, he wrote

Having and using the latest and greatest tech tools won’t grow a church. But not using today’s technology to effectively communicate the gospel will ensure that a church won’t experience significant and sustainable conversion growth . . .

So What?

Tenny-Brittian’s remark is bold.  It may seem hyperbolic, but I don’t think he intends it to be so.  It is, instead, a reality check for congregational growth in the year 2014.

Do you agree or disagree with his assertion? Explain.


  1. I totally agree. We don’t want to use our either-or thinking here. It isn’t that we no longer print bulletins or newsletters but that to grow and engage others we need to add technology. The primary important element to engaging our communities is to increase all of our communication. In my work I call faith communities to “turn on the flow of living communication”. If we want to be a part of the evolution of Christianity or support a congregation to remain vital and alive then it takes conversation. Technology is often a primary tool that allows for interactions and conversations. I believe this is what people today are seeking. They want to be engaged and not merely consumers, even of their faith.

  2. I appreciate your work, Diana. Communication is a growing edge for most congregations. Technology must be a part of all conversations about church communications.

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