BYODD to Worship

Tweet ChurchBYODD (Bring Your Own Divine Device) may become the acronym of choice at many houses of worship.  Jeff Brumley’s recent Associated Baptist Press article, “Divine Devices or Digital Distractions,” provides a hopeful, realistic look at the increased use of smart phones and tablets in worship services.  Not only are fewer congregations banning the use of such devices during worship, but many are being intentional about encouraging their use for looking up Bible verses or sharing meaningful experiences on social media.

So What?

Thankfully few congregations still ban or strongly discourage the use of technology in worship (those who still do and think a note in the bulletin will have a real impact on the digital actions of those in worship should think again).  Unfortunately, many congregations don’t actively encourage the use of digital devices during worship.  In 2014, it is essential that worship leaders invite and celebrate the use of these so-called divine devices within the context of worship.

  • How would a visitor to your church know whether using social media during worship was discouraged, encouraged, or an issue about which no one was supposed to speak?  How would you rate your congregation’s current means of communicating your current position?
  • Do you typically use your smart phone or tablet during worship? If so, how? If not, why not?

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