Common Pastoral Struggles

hard_workPhilip Wagner knows that “being a pastor is hard work.” With this in mind,  he recently wrote about the six most common struggles pastors face:

  1. criticism,
  2. rejection,
  3. betrayal,
  4. loneliness,
  5. weariness, and
  6. frustrations and disappointments.

So What?

Wagner encourages pastors to stay the course, reminding his readers that “persistence is powerful.”  The reality of these struggles also suggests that pastors should establish (and keep!) healthy boundaries, and maintain healthy relationships that extend beyond those in their care within their parishes.  Additionally, pastors can benefit from being intentional about connecting with other pastors.

  • What items would you add to Wagner’s list?
  • If you are a pastor, which of Wagner’s challenges has been most difficult for you?  If you are not a pastor, which of the items on the list do you think your pastor is most likely to experience regularly?
  • What is the best advice you have ever heard when it comes to how best pastors can navigate common pastoral struggles?


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