WHCB: Summary & Next Steps

holding-backI have devoted most of my posts over the last week to exploring an important topic: “What’s Holding Christianity Back.”  Using a list of five items proposed by Christian Piatt, I considered

  1. church buildings,
  2. denominations,
  3. worship,
  4. church boards, and
  5. fear.

So What?

These factors are quite real.  They must not be ignored.  Reading these posts, pondering your own church experiences, and considering how an awareness of these issues may prove helpful as you live in the present with your sight set on the future of Christianity.  Committing to take action is far more difficult, but ultimately the necessary next step.

  • Does reviewing the list of what is holding Christianity back (A) leave you feel a bit overwhelmed and uncertain, (B) primarily affirm what you already knew, or (C) inspire you to action?  Explain.
  • Which of the items on the list do you feel is currently holding your church back?  Would you be willing to share your answer with your church board or other leadership person or body if asked?
  • When you think of committing to action on this topic, what ideas come to mind?

Speak Your Mind