1,000 Days of Daily Blogging

Sowhat-2009This post marks 1,000 days of blogging on a daily basis.

I launched sowhatfaith.com just over 4 years ago.  Almost three years ago, I started blogging on a daily basis.  At several points along that journey I paused to reflect and share my experience:

So What?

I hope my daily posts have been substantive, relevant, and actionable.  I believe even more strongly now than I did when I launched this blog that it is important for people who follow the way of Jesus to think actively and critically about contemporary issues through the lens of faith.

  • How have you benefited from or been enriched by reading this blog over the last several years?
  • What other online resources do you find useful for helping you process the latest news about religion? the future of the mainline church?



  1. Your daily blogging is an inspiration of commitment. I have found your topics relevant and provocative to follow the threads. So What? causes more to think than actually leave comments. I am interested in the new UCC Extravagance idea of web-based congregations. I am a supporter of Darkwood Brew. Center for Spiritual Renewal; Diana Butler-Bass; Elizabeth Drescher; Phyllis Tickle and the Emergent movement all speak with prophetic voices.

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