Facebook Personality Test

You AreYou Are What You Like offers a free personality test.  Rather than asking you a series of questions to determine your personality, the app analyzes your likes on Facebook.  Curious to learn more, I authorized the app and received my report:

Results of You Are


So What?

Provided you are yourself on Facebook rather than one who seeks to create an alternative or idealistic version of who you wish to be/become, the test is nearly impossible to fake unlike other types of personality tests that allow the test taker to reply about his or her self.  Additionally, the results claim “real world validity” and is improved as more people participate.

  • Take the You Are What You Like Personality Test.  How well do you feel it reflects your personality?  Share your results with a few close friends, family members or co-workers and ask them if they perceive it to be accurate.
  • If you know me fairly well, let me know if you think my results are appropriate.
  • Based on your knowledge of this test, in what situations would you recommend it?

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