Reorganizing Denominations

In the “Under Discussion” column in the June edition of Christianity Today, six evangelical leaders responded to the question “Should denominations be organized geographically?”  Their responses follow:

  • Yes: Carl Trueman and Greg Peters
  • Between Yes and No: Bob Thompson and R. Albert Mohler Jr.
  • No: Will Willimon and Paul Detterman (p.12).

So What?
I often write about the future of denominations on this blog.  The only thing about which I am certain is that the future will look radically different than either the present or the past.

The question asked in the Christianity Today piece assumes that denominations can and will continue indefinitely.  Whether you agree or disagree, for the sake of this discussion answer the question assuming they will.

Should denominations be organized geographically, theologically, or in some other manner? Explain.

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