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Young Adults

Who REALLY Attends Church?


Over the last 10 days I have seen at least a few dozen different articles or blog posts talking about the gap between who says they attend church and who actually attends.  The sudden focus on the topic is a result of a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, which was release on May 17.  More specifically, the latest inquiry finds that people are more honest about the topic when asked in an anonymous online survey than when asked by phone.  Interestingly, three groups were more likely Read More …

College Educated 20-Somethings

college degree

While it is widely known that more young people are attending and graduating from college than ever before in the United States, many people are less familiar with just how dramatic the change is for those in the 25-29 year old cohort. In a recent New York Times' article, Catherine Rampell notes that the National Center for Education Statistics data shows that the percent of 25-29 year olds with a bachelor's degree or higher rose more rapidly over the last two decades than in the previous Read More …

Reaching Young Adults

Bruce Reyes Chow

Bruce Reyes-Chow is a consultant who previously served as founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church, and was the former moderator of the General Assembly of the 2.3 million member PCUSA.  On the conservative Red Letter Christians blog he recently shared three common faulty assumptions church leaders make when seeking to begin or expand young adult ministries: We (older adults) can build ministry from them (younger adults) Young adults are all alike or as a group share a great deal in Read More …

Reaching Young Adults

City One

Naomi Schaefer Riley's recent Wall Street Journal article considers how churches in Charlotte, NC have worked together across denominational lines to create a growing ministry to a demographic most congregations struggle to reach: young adults.  Supported by 40 area congregations, Charlotte ONE  worship experiences regularly attract capacity crowds of around 600 people.  And, like most collaborative Christian endeavors many of the critics are leaders from non-participating area congregations who Read More …

Review of You Lost Me

David Kinnaman

Meet the Author David Kinnaman is best known as the co-author of the bestselling book UnChristian: What a New Generation Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters (2007).  Since joining the Barna Group in 1995, the 37 year old Kinnaman has designed and analyzed nearly 500 projects and supervised more than 350,000 interviews for client projects.  Currently, he serves as president and majority owner. Book Basics UnChristian (2007) is an incredibly insightful, timely, and well researched Read More …