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Affordable Apartments?

Two Bedroom

The National Income Housing Coalition (NIHC) finds a minimum-wage earner with a full-time job can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment in any state in the U.S.  This reality is based on rent costs determined by the HUD estimated Fair Market Rent (FMR), and a household budget that allocates no more than 30% of income (of one minimum-wage earner) on housing costs.  The group produced a list of just how expensive a two bedroom apartment rental is in each state based on the wage a single earner would Read More …

Renter or Owner: The Mindset Matters


Robert Talbert, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University, recently blogged about the difference between renting and owning.  After sharing his own experiences with home ownership and rental, he applies the principle to education suggesting that we all want students to own rather than rent their education.  He explains the different approaches thusly: The rental mindset says, I am paying the rent, and as long as I pay, I expect the management to take care of my needs. Read More …

Not Welcome Here: Schools Deny Churches Rental Opportunities

school auditorium

A significant part of the life of a church is gathering together for worship.  While many congregations do so in buildings they own, an increasing number do so in rented space.  Renting is an attractive option for new congregations, for those in areas with expensive real estate, for those with limited needs for space during the week, for those in the midst of rapid growth, and for those who simply prefer to be without the burdens of property ownership.  In many communities, including my own, Read More …