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Reaching Young Adults

City One

Naomi Schaefer Riley's recent Wall Street Journal article considers how churches in Charlotte, NC have worked together across denominational lines to create a growing ministry to a demographic most congregations struggle to reach: young adults.  Supported by 40 area congregations, Charlotte ONE  worship experiences regularly attract capacity crowds of around 600 people.  And, like most collaborative Christian endeavors many of the critics are leaders from non-participating area congregations who Read More …

Radical Inclusivity


Christian leaders make news headlines on a daily basis, but are rarely portrayed as open minded or inclusive.   Jonathan Devin's "Radical Preachers Buck Mainstream Christianity" tells the story of a growing  interdenominational group of pastors known as Outlaw Preachers who are bound together by their shared belief in radical inclusivity.   Founded in 2008, the group has grown to 300 members and recently held their first conference, which was attended by persons representing "eight states from Read More …