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Radical Hospitality Isn’t Enough


Scott Benhase, Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, recently wrote that radical hospitality alone is no longer adequate.  In his understanding, the theology most commonly undergirding radical hospitality is such that it supposes something of a "law of attraction" wherein "if we’re just open and welcoming enough people will naturally be attracted to us and want to come and join our churches."  In reality, the number of people who are attracted continues to dwindle thereby rendering it Read More …

Truly Welcoming Visitors on Easter

easter lilly

In almost every congregation, Easter is the most attended Sunday morning of the year.  Many congregations feature additional services to provide these religious consumers with the greatest number of options possible and to ensure that there is room (especially parking and seating) for everyone.  Most parishes seek to do what they can to ensure visitors have a positive experience and are likely to visit again.  Toward that end, I suggest: Providing an extravagant welcome is not something that Read More …