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Ed Young

So Many Pastoral Stunts


David Gibson's recent Religion News Service article listed 12 stunts performed by pastors that received significant publicity, including  bishops pretending to be homeless, a week of congregational copulation (followed up with a bed in), living the bible as literally as possible (including Rachel Held Evans' A Year of Biblical Womanhood), eating foods that can be purchased on a "food stamp" budget, and losing weight for the Lord. So What? Each of these stunts was designed to Read More …

Fashion Friday


Since I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area for many years, I am no stranger to the strangeness of megachurch pastor Ed Young.  Earlier this year, I even mentioned his one-of-a-kind "bed-in" here on sowhatfaith.com.  Given what I know of him, I am convinced Young is the ideal poster boy for the "bigger is better" and/or "flashier is more fun" model of church.  Given such, perhaps one of his latest ventures will equip a new generation of pastors to be more fashion Read More …

A “Bed-In”


Having lived in Texas many years, I am familiar with the phrase "everything is bigger in Texas."  When it comes to churches, Texas has more megachurches than most would imagine.   Edward Gilbreath went as far as to name Dallas, Texas as the unofficial capital of American Evangelicalism in Christianity Today.  The latest news out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas revolves around Ed Young's Friday the 13th "Bed-in" event. Ed Young, minister of Fellowship Church, staged a 24 hour long Read More …