Search for a Church 2.0 – Discernment

Greg and Susan at the Tarrant County Courthouse

10 days ago I shared that our 11 month long search for a church had reached its final stage. More specifically, after visiting 15 congregations we narrowed our options down to two finalists.


We invested considerable time and energy in getting to know the two remaining congregations. This included attending at least six services of worship in each community of faith, and participating in classes, concerts, mission efforts, and social activities.

During the last week, we attended one worship service and participated in one other activity in both congregations. And, we utilized some of our spring break time for conversation and mutual discernment.

So What?

As we prepare to complete our search and become members of a congregation, I pause to give thanks for the journey. The search provided countless opportunities for us to grow as followers of the Way of Jesus. And, it introduced us to many of the people and ministries that make up the 15 communities of faith we visited – nearby congregations that are doing their part to make real God’s realm on earth as it already is in heaven.