New Year, New Home

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Happy New Year!

To start 2018 my wife and I purchased a home in downtown Fort Worth and started the process of relocating.  This is the ninth place we have called home during the first nineteen years of our life together, and the eighth we have owned.

Our first four homes were in Texas, and appear below on the first row and the first image on the second row.  Our next three homes were in Florida, and are  depicted in the remaining images on the second row and the first image on the third row.  Our most recent two homes are in Texas, and are shown in the remaining pictures on the third row.

We have enjoyed a few of the homes “as is” while we opted for updating others.  Our updating projects ranged from a few rooms to the entire house and from a few weeks to more than six months.

Our homes were built from the 1970s to the 2010s and varied widely in size, views, and other features.


  • Bedrooms: 2-5
  • Bathrooms: 2-5
  • Garage: 1-3
  • Square Feet: Under 1,400 to over 3,500


  • Beach
  • Lake
  • Golf course
  • Downtown

Other Features

  • Pools (home and community)
  • Gated communities (with and without a human welcome)
  • Country club
  • Rooftop deck
photos by Greg Smith

photos by Greg Smith

So What?

Moving into our new home begins a new chapter in our life.  It is our first time to live in a downtown area, first time to have the option to walk or use public transportation to get many places, and first time to live on more than two levels.

I welcome your prayers during this season of transition, and invite you to share a tip or two about settling in to a new home, connecting with new neighbors, and/or getting involved in new community.

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