Faith Palm Banners Go Viral

Faith PalmUntil a few days ago I had never heard anyone use the term “faith palm.”  Thanks to a tweet by Daniel Dale, a Washington D.C. correspondent for the Toronto star I not only learned the term, but also was introduced to a unique marketing campaign by a progressive Episcopal congregation in D.C.

The President Said What?

The image at right is one of four banners on a chain link fence outside of a construction area on the campus of St. Thomas’ Parish Episcopal Church.  Each banner contains the same faith palm image with a different quote.  The four read

  • The President said what?
  • What is it with America and guns?
  • I never said I hated anyone.
  • Yes, science is real.

So What?

In an interview with,  Rev.Alex Dyer – Priest in Charge at St. Thomas, said “to stay silent . . . is not an option.”  Christianity speaks to all of life,including the political.

All Christian faith communities should be engaged in doing their part to make real God’s realm on earth.  What this looks like should vary widely from congregation to congregation as each discerns its unique role and lives into its mission and vision.  Silence or indifference to the issues that impact the human experience should be unacceptable.

  • What is your initial reaction to the four faith palm banners?
  • What is the most edgy yet authentic way your congregation has engaged the larger community on important political topics?
  • What is the most edgy yet authentic way your denomination or network of churches has engaged around the country on important political topics?

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