Adese Fellowship (Social Enterprise)

Adese Logo by Signal Hill -

Adese Logo by Signal Hill –

Two months ago I wrote about experiencing “many first days” in a relatively short period of time.  One of those first days was starting my role as Director of Social Enterprise at the Wesley Mission Center in Mansfield, Texas.

Shortly after starting that position I learned that the United Church of Christ was accepting applications for a social enterprise fellowship targeting those interested in changing the world for good via social enterprise.


“Adese” comes from the Amharic language,  and means renew.  The Adese Fellowship is a year long ecumenical learning experience sponsored by the United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund (CB&LF) and the office of Congregational Assessment, Support and Advancement (CASA),   The fellowship features three three-day retreats supplemented by monthly video conference calls and a wide variety of  directed opportunities for reading, writing and online dialogue.

In short, the Adese Fellowship is a “12-month curriculum of self-discovery, theological reflection and business development” that will empower participants to “create enterprises that help their communities, and renew the Church’s mission to create a just world for all.”

So What?

I am delighted to have been named one of 13 fellows for the 2018 cohort.  My learning begins in January – the same month the Wesley Mission Center is scheduled to open its largest social enterprise initiative yet.

I am thankful for this opportunity, and committed to doing my part to renew the Church’s mission to create a just world for all.

I welcome your support, prayers, and wisdom as I begin this new journey.

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