A Common Dream

Diversity by lisamikulski - .flickr.com/photos/lisamikulski/17456904840/

Diversity by lisamikulski – flickr.com/photos/lisamikulski/17456904840/

Imagine a common dream capable of uniting people of varying faiths and perhaps also people who do not frame the experience of life through faith lens.

I am not aware of many attempts to craft such a vision, however, I find much wisdom worthy of consideration in a benediction written by the Unitarian Universalist minister and author Gary Kowalski.  The benediction proposes that our common dream is

Homes and schools where children thrive,
Neighborhoods that are safe and clean,
A city rich in colors and cultures,
An economy where no one is expendable,
A beloved community where rich and poor alike have access to the
opportunity for a dignified and productive life

So What?

Every person matters.  Every community matters.  The future is our shared responsibility.

People of faith have an important role to play in creating a better and brighter tomorrow for an ever increasing percentage of our population.

Kowalski calls us to action by suggesting that communities of faith understand that “our  deepest hope is to be of service to a hurting world.”

  • Do you affirm all of the elements in Kowalski’s common dream? If not, explain.
  • What items would you add to those presented by Kowalski?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed is your congregation or community of faith to being of service to a hurting world?

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