Living the Jesus Ethic

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Robin Meyers is the type of pastor and teacher who makes good teaching great by incorporating a strong call to action.  In a recent video interview on being a follower of Jesus he explained that being a follower of Jesus is

always about getting out of heads and into our whole beings – so that when we are doing things in the world people see that we’ve integrated the thoughts that we have about the Jesus’ ethic, and that we are practicing it in the world.

So What?

Authenticity.  Consistency.  Experience.

Meyers’ invitation reminds those who follow the Way of Jesus that learning more about the Jesus ethic is only of true value when such knowledge impacts the way we live out our lives.

Keep on practicing your faith any and everywhere in the world that life takes you.

  • What do you find most challenging about being an authentic follower of the Way of Jesus who lives consistently according to that ethic in all of life’s many experiences?
  • In a few sentences or less, explain what living the Jesus’ ethic means to you.


More About Robin Meyers:
Robin Meyers is Senior Minister at Mayflower UCC  and Distinguished Professor of Social Justice in the Philosophy Department at Oklahoma City University. He is the author of seven books, including two that I have reviewed on this blog: Saving Jesus from the Church and Underground Church.

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