World Communion Sunday

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Today is World Communion Sunday. Over the years, taking Communion / Lord’s Supper / Eucharist on this day has been especially meaningful to me.

Rather than seek to say something novel or new, I have collected some wisdom from posts I have written over the years.

  • 2010: I wrote a series of blog posts sharing one big lesson I learned from each of the many denominations that have played a major role in my faith journey.  In my post on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), I wrote, “The greatest contribution the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has made to my faith is in the importance of Communion (Lord’s Supper or Eucharist) for individual believers as well as local congregations.”
  • 2012: I wrote a post reflecting on the variety of experiences of Communion, including the many different names different groups use to describe it.  I included a remark by Ron Patterson who at the time was Senior Pastor of Naples United Church of Christ.  This succinct bit of wisdom is especially meaningful on World Communion Sunday: “This is bread for the journey, not a dinner of doctrine.”
  • 2014: I shared words from the third verse of Brian Wren’s hymn I Come With Joy that speak to the uniting power of  Communion: “As Christ breaks bread, and bids us share, each proud division ends. The love that made us, makes us one, and strangers now are friends, and strangers now are friends.”

So What?

I hope you had or will have the opportunity to participate in World Communion Sunday today.

In reading through a number of posts beyond those I shared above, I found I was drawn in to one more than the rest. In 2012, I shared these words authored by Jeremy John: While we believe theologically that Christ is present at the table with us, the Eucharist is more about what you do than what you believe

I invite you to share one of your most memorable and/or meaningful experiences of World Communion Sunday.

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