My Many First Days

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

First days are often memorable.  Usually they are scheduled well in advance. Often they go according to plan.  This was the case for me yesterday (September 17), which was my first day to preach in a congregation affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) since 2010.

First days can, however, be a bit more complicated and colorful as the last two months of my life illustrate:

  1. August 7 was officially my first day of work at the Wesley Mission Center, but my participation in a July 26 event with this organization also felt a lot like a first day (even though I had not technically started my position).
  2. August 29 was officially my first day of what I hope will be my last semester as a graduate student at Texas Woman’s University, but September 9 felt more like the first day as it was my first day in a classroom on campus.
  3. September 7 was set as the first day of the fall semester at Hodges University, but Hurricane Irma delayed the new school year for just about everyone in Southwest Florida.  With the new revised semester schedule, today – September 18 – is my first day teaching two sections of an online world religions course.

So What?

Seven “first days” in just about as many weeks may well be my personal record!  In the midst of so many transitions and new beginnings, I have found myself more aware than usual of all of the changes happening in the lives of those around me.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to reach out to someone you know who recently had a first day or is preparing for (or even someone hoping for) a new day/beginning.  Let the person you contact know you care, and welcome the opportunity to hear a bit more about this part of their journey.

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