An Update on My 2017 Religious Resolutions

Tarrant County Formation Event for Faith in Texas - photo by Greg Smith

Tarrant County Formation Event for Faith in Texas – photo by Greg Smith

In November of 2016, I established 5 religious goals for the 2017 church year (Advent 2016 until the arrival of Advent 2017).  Four months later I shared my progress.  With Advent now just 14 weeks away, I offer a final check-in.

Original Goals

During this church year I resolve to

  1. Join (and be actively involved in) a local community of faith
  2. Labor to make real on earth God’s realm of justice and peace
  3. Write about matters of faith that matter (primarily here on this blog)
  4. Teach (and continue learning) about Christianity and the world’s many great religions
  5. Discern an answer (or many answers!) to the question “What next?”


  1. I completed the formal “joining process” in February, and have been actively involved since that time.
  2. I have partnered with and/or contributed to many formal (and some less formal) groups to consistently and collaboratively work toward this ongoing goal.  For example, this past week I participated in a formation meeting for the Tarrant County chapter of Faith in Texas.
  3. I have written at least one blog post each week.
  4. I am currently teaching two sections of a world religions course at Hodges University, and have agreed to teach a more advanced version of the course in the fall for at least two sections.  In total, I will teach at least seven courses this year.
  5. After my first and only stretch of time when my primary employment was with a for profit company, I returned to ministry a few weeks ago.  For more information, check out “I’m Back: My Return to Ministry.”  I am also on track to graduate with my MBA in December 2017.

So What?

Any goal worth making is a goal worth achieving.  Any goal one wants to achieve requires planning, intentional forward progress, and accountability.

I share my progress in hopes of encouraging you on your journey.  And, if you had no such goals for 2017 perhaps now is a time to begin working on some for 2018.


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