The Hardest Part of Being a Christian

FB StatusBeing a student is often a way of life. At times, it can be hard work.  Some courses are especially challenging.

A few days ago I asked my Facebook friends to share the most challenging and/or difficult course they had ever taken.   In less than 24 hours, 60 people had named a course.  The most popular challenging courses were those in science, mathematics, and languages.

  • Science – 12 responses (top course: chemistry)
  • Mathematics – 18 responses (top course: statistics)
  • Languages – 11 responses (top response: Hebrew)

Being a Disciple

Being a follower of the Way of Jesus should always be a way of life.  At times, it involves challenging lessons.  Some days are especially complicated.

The laboratory of life provides ample opportunity for disciples to apply what they have learned about Christianity.  The hardest part of being a Christian is not earning a passing grade in a hard course (not even confirmation!) nor is it acquiring a certain amount of biblical or theological knowledge.  The hardest part of being a follower of the Way of Jesus is living that way in each and every life experience.

So What?

Thankfully none of us is perfect, and none of us travels this path alone.  We are, however, called to make real God’s realm on the earth as it already is in heaven.

This kind of heavy lifting is achieved more ably when we do our part while also seeking to join with others who are doing their parts.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the statement “The hardest part of being a follower of the Way of Jesus is living that way in each and every life experience”? Explain.
  • Share one recent life experience that provided you with an opportunity to grow as a disciple.
  • Share a few of the many resources that help you live authentically (people, groups, experiences, classes, etc).


  1. Lasim Thomas says:

    I agree with you Dr.Greg
    It’s really the hardest thing to do. But I think we are lacking some a personality, the holy spirit. Having the holy spirit and and obeying Him will make it easy to do what seems hard to us and follow the steps as disciples.
    God bless you Dr.Greg
    I’m from Ghana.

  2. Lasim, thanks for sharing this reminder.

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