My 2017 Religious Resolutions . . . So Far

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Four months ago today I shared my resolutions for the new (church) year:

During this church year I resolve to

  1. Join (and be actively involved in) a local community of faith
  2. Labor to make real on earth God’s realm of justice and peace
  3. Write about matters of faith that matter (primarily here on this blog)
  4. Teach (and continue learning) about Christianity and the world’s many great religions
  5. Discern an answer (or many answers!) to the question “What next?”

Progress Report

Since only 8% of new year’s resolutions are achieved and since many fall by the wayside early in the year, I want to remain accountable by sharing my progress.  Consider this a quarterly update since we are 3 months into 2017.

  1. The joining piece of the goal was achieved in February (the actual story is a bit unconventional). The becoming and continuing active involvement is well underway but will take the full year to enact.
  2. I think of this goal as my wider work that is not linked to opportunities arising from #1.  I am on track here as well through participation in events such as the Vigil for Ethnic and Religious Solidarity.
  3. I have written at least blog post a week so far this year (this is #15).  More recently I updated my social media presence. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and also on Facebook.
  4. I am currently teaching three sections of a world religions course at Hodges University, and have agreed to teach the same course in the summer semester.
  5. I am still in the early stages of this goal, and am devoting appropriate attention to it.

So What?

All in all, I am off to a good start. I am also well aware that the finish line is still pretty far into the future and that one or more of the goals may require significant modification as life happens.  Right now, I am thankful for all of the many people who have encouraged and affirmed me on my 2017 path.

I encourage you to take a few moments and to think about where you are on the journey of faith and where you feel led to take your next steps.  If you are inclined to share some or all of that story here, please do. Whether or not you are so inclined, please share your plans with someone you know and trust who will walk alongside you in the days and months ahead.


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