Religion – Better Off?

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

At the beginning of each semester, I invite my world religions students to think broadly about how religion has impacted human history.  Based on life experience, watching a debate among scholars, completing some readings, and conducting a little outside research each student is tasked with deciding whether or not society has been better of with religion or if it would have been better off without religion.  While the breakdown of answers is generally between 80-90% in favor of the the world being a better place because of religion, most who opt for that position also note the harm that has been committed by religious people.

So What?

Rather than asking you to weigh in on this topic, I invite you to struggle with and craft an answer to a far more personal question.  As a person who follows the Way of Jesus, is the world a better place because of how you have lived out your faith or not?


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