The Least Educated Americans: Christians

A few weeks ago the Pew Research Center published a detailed chart showing a nation by nation breakdown of the educational attainment of those identified with select world religions.

United States

In the United States, the average educational attainment of all adults aged 25 and older was 12.9 years. In rank order by average educational attainment in number of years the report shows:

  1.  Hindus – 15.7education
  2.  Jews – 14.7
  3.  Muslims – 13.6
  4.  Buddhists – 13.4
  5.  Christians – 12.6

Note: Religiously unaffiliated averaged 13.2

So What?

Christians are both the largest religious group (accounting for more than 7 out of 10 Americans) and the least educated religious group in the United States.

As we move toward the inauguration of our first President in the post-truth era in time of increased fake news, it is more important than ever for those who follow the way of Jesus to

  • Advocate for increased educational opportunities for all people,
  • Articulate what Christianity really says about today’s biggest issues, and
  • Commit to lifelong learning.


  1. Well stated (and thanks for the link). Your three recommendations are spot on.

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