My New (Church) Year’s Resolutions

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

A few days ago I suggested that Advent is a time for a new perspective. As the start of the church year, it is also a great time to plan for what is ahead.

While such planning can take many forms, I have chosen to embrace a practice more commonly associated with the changing of calendar years: adopting new year’s resolutions.

Looking Back

As I look back at this blog, I find that I have publicly declared resolutions a few times

  • 2012 – I made several resolutions, but wrote about one: reply to any and all e-mails within 24 hours.
  • 2014 – I made three resolutions: (1) participate in worship in at least 10 different communities of faith, (2) write at least 200 blog posts and be more actively engaged on Twitter, and (3) read at least 100 books and write reviews for at least 50.

Looking Ahead

I enter this new church year with a different perspective.  The church year that ended last week was the first in my adult life that I spent while not serving in a congregation and/or in pursuing formal theological education.

During this church year I resolve to

  1. Join (and be actively involved in) a local community of faith
  2. Labor to make real on earth God’s realm of justice and peace
  3. Write about matters of faith that matter (primarily here on this blog)
  4. Teach (and continue learning) about Christianity and the world’s many great religions
  5. Discern an answer (or many answers!) to the question “What next?”

So What?

A new year has arrived. I am excited to, in the words of Bishop Spong, “live fully, love wastefully, and be all that I can be.”

I welcome your support, and encourage you to share your hopes, dreams, and resolutions for the new church year and/or for 2017.

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