Time for a New Perspective

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Last week, I relocated to a new office at work.  While the move was only a few hundred feet, the change in perspective has been considerable.

Think about your own experience of familiar places. How long you have been

  • living in your current residence,
  • worshipping in the same sacred space, and
  • working in the same office.

When did you become so comfortable in each that you stopped paying attention to some of the details?

So What?

Changing our physical location often allows us to see things we stopped seeing as well as to see things we had never seen before.  Changing liturgical seasons affords a similar opportunity to see with new eyes.

Today is the beginning of Advent and the start of a new church year.  I invite you to

  • slow down and practice waiting patiently,
  • adopt a new perspective (or, ideally, try out many new perspectives!), and
  • document your Advent journey – giving special attention to things you have never realized before and to those things you have not considered in years but find yourself pondering this year.

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