Search for a Church: The Final Four

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

The search for a church for my family is nearing completion.  After visiting 30 churches in our geographic area, my wife and I have agreed to consider four as possible communities of faith for intentional and ongoing involvement.

For obvious reasons I won’t name the congregations.  I will, however, share that they don’t all look alike:

  • Memberships range from 120 to around 2000
  • Average weekly worship attendance ranges from 75 to around 1,000 (in 1 to 4 services)
  • Senior pastor tenure ranges from not applicable (currently an interim) to over 15 years
  • Primary sacred spaces vary from quite traditional with pews and a pipe organ to markedly more modern

So What?

Choosing a faith community is a challenging process of discernment.  It is one that can sometimes be completed in a few weeks or months but for others requires significantly more time.

I treasure your prayers and support as my wife and I spend time in each of the congregations remaining. And, I welcome hearing the story of how it is you came to be a member and/or an active participant in your current community of faith.



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