Mid-Year Update – Popular Posts

According to Google analytics statistics for So What Faith (based on view counts from January 1 to present)

Most popular blog posts published in 2016

  1. NUCCSearch for a Church: 9 Months & Counting (May)
  2. Mainline Members – Political Leanings (February)
  3. My 2016 Search for a Church (January)
  4. Reflections on Average Worship Attendance (February)
  5. Top Religions by State (January)
  6. View from the Pew: 12 Sacred Spaces (June)

Most popular posts so far in 2016 (regardless of date of publication)Next Level

  1. Pastoral Prayer: Love (February, 2014)
  2. Prayers of the People: Youth Sunday (October, 2009)
  3. Sermon: Lost –> Found –> Party (June, 2015)
  4. My Visit to Next Level Church (October, 2012)

So What?

I believe that matters of faith matter.  For the last seven years I have shared my experiences and asked “so what” questions because of this conviction.

I welcome hearing how your story and mine have overlapped and how they might in the future,

  • Share a specific post (or question within a post) that was especially valuable to you and/or has challenged you in unexpected ways.
  • Share a topic you are pondering currently or an aspect of following the Way of Jesus you would welcome hearing more about.

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