Search for a Church – Taking Recommendations

Search RecommendationsAlmost every study I have ever read finds that at least 3 out of every 4 people find a new church because of a recommendation. More specifically, someone already involved in a community of faith invited them to visit.

So What?

Now that my search for a church is in its fifth month, I am taking recommendations. In other words, feel free to invite me to your church – especially if you really think I would be a good fit. (If you have no idea whether or not I would be a good fit simply share what you love about your church and let me make that determination).

At right are some of the suggestions I received when I asked my Facebook friends for their recommendations.





  1. I served as the interim DCE at Trinity Pres in Flower Mound for year about five years ago. They are a great congregation I think you would enjoy.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Trinity Pres in Flower Mound is already on my “to visit soon” list.

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