Returning to the Classroom

WR2016 is well underway.

In just a few more days I will return to the virtual university classroom.  This semester I will be teaching three completely full sections of Introduction to World Religions at Hodges University (my 16th, 17th, and 18th times to teach a course on world religions since accepting this adjunct role in 2011).


So What?

Most regular readers of my blog are religiously literate about their own religion.  I wonder, however, how religiously literate you are when it comes to religions beyond your own.

While I cannot open up my virtual classroom to you, I am open to blogging about religions other than Christianity in the year ahead with greater frequency than in past years.  Feel free to ask me questions and/or suggest topics.

I invite you to take 5 minutes to compare your knowledge to the average American by taking a short quiz.  Whether or not you take the quiz, I suggest that you consider joining me in committing (perhaps even resolving) to take specific steps to increase your religious literacy in 2016.



  1. Judy Fair says:

    I got 100% on the quiz. I would love to be able to sit in on your religion class. As part of our Lenten study and the search process we are reading Beyond Resistance by John Dorhauer. It will be discussed at the Wednesday night meetings leading up to Easter. It will be interesting to see where FMCUCC is five years from now. It is also a little scary.

  2. Judy, I am so glad you are so religiously literate while also open to continuing to learn. John Dorhauer’s book was one of my top two from 2015 ( and something I am sure will generate significant conversation.

  3. Judy Fair says:

    We will never be a 3.0 congregation but I think we are progressing and may be 2.5. It is a challenge to me to me more than a passive member and actually do something. I don’t think I would ever like any of the examples in the book. I might like the meetings but would not feel I had actually worshiped. I hope we can keep our music program going. Our beloved Zonda is retiring this year and so are Jack and Alice. It will be interesting.

  4. Progressing is wonderful and so is recognizing that there is no one size fits all approach to being church that works well for all communities of faith in 2.0, 3.0, or anywhere in between. Your ongoing involvement along with so many others will certainly help guide the congregation into a bright future.

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