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So What Faith Tags - A Word CloudThis will be my last blog post for awhile . . .


Six years and four months ago, I launched this site.  At that time, I never imagined that I would become a prolific blogger who would author 1,600 blog posts (an average of just over 250 a year!).  I also had not given any real consideration to what my life might look like if I were not employed by a church.

Happening Now

After serving Mainline Protestant congregations for fifteen years in a variety of capacities, I am not currently connected to a community of faith in my geographic area.  I am, however, in search of a local church while also discerning what my role with that community might be.

Coming Soon

Change! I cannot yet say what or when, but do expect change followed by more change in the near term future.  Personally, my family is in the process of moving into our new home during the final phases of a major renovation.  Professionally, I am in the very early stages of a new position with an innovative and rapidly growing company.

So What?

I continue to characterize myself as a progressive, post-denominational, postmodern follower of the Way of Jesus. I remain open to opportunities for conversation about matters of faith that matter, and welcome invitations to interact with your group or congregation.  I look forward to the future even as I do not yet know what it may hold.




  1. Many many thanks, Greg, for all the ways you’ve served and will continue to serve in, oh, let’s call it the church-at-large. As you might imagine, I believe the healthcare industry is an excellent mission field. Add “employee education” to that and the glorious beat goes on! Blessings to you.

  2. I think we are all looking for a 1st century “church” that more closely emulates what we are taught in the book of Acts. I quit calling myself a Christian years ago. Now I am just a simple person doing my best to follow the teachings of Yeshua.

  3. Bob White says:

    Greg, I’m happy and not surprised that things are still working-out well for you. You certainly offered me much at my age with my journey. Best wishes, grace and peace.


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