Identity: Who Are We? Who Am I?

Be Who You Are by Kate Ter Haar -

Be Who You Are by Kate Ter Haar –

I am a planner.  The tendency to plan my work and work my plan is a part of my identity.  As a pastor, I planned worship themes well in advance.  Since I left my last call before the end of the liturgical year, I never fully developed what would have become the last two sermon series before Advent.


Identity was a big part of my work as an interim or transitional pastor.  In my last call, prior to the start of what would have become back-to-back series on identity that community of faith had done great work in discerning and beginning to live into a new identity.  As such, it was important for everyone to understand what this new purpose meant on a variety of levels as well as how it related to other identity issues.

Who Are We?

This sermon series would have been focused on the traditional interim developmental task of deepening denominational ties.  More specifically it would have focused on raising awareness about some of the strengths of the United Church of Christ that resonate with the future this congregation was envisioning for itself.

Theme Scripture Sermon Title
Welcome Hebrews 13:2 A Welcoming Church
Relevance John 10:10 A Relevant Church
Engagement Romans 12:1-21 An Engaging Church
Leading the Way Acts 11:26 A Church of Firsts

Who Am I?

At the end of a year of considerable change, the final series would have considered some issues of personal identity that are relatively stable.

Theme Scripture Sermon Title
Saint I Peter 2:4-10 We Are All Saints
Ambassador Psalm 8 &
2 Cor. 5:20
Ambassador Me
Beloved Child Ephesians 5:1-2 God’s Beloved Child

So What?

Identity matters.  Take some time to reflect on these identity questions.  If possible, invest

  • What is your faith community’s identity? What makes your congregation unique?
  • How aligned is your congregation’s identity with that of your denomination, network or tradition?
  • What does it mean to you to be a Christian or, if you prefer, a follower of the Way of Jesus? How does this impact your identity?

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