Church Shopping: Not Happening Today

photo by Greg Smith

photo by Greg Smith

Almost a month ago I preached my last sermon as a Transitional Pastor before relocating across the country to start a new job in healthcare.  This change led my wife and I to begin our search for a church near our new home.

The first Sunday we did not attend church as I was busy moving.  The next Sunday my wife and I visited a nearby Lutheran congregation (ELCA). The third Sunday we visited a local Presbyterian (PCUSA) congregation.  Today we will not be in church since I am traveling for work.

So What?

view from the pew - PCUSA

photo by Greg Smith

Our search for a church is all that unique.  Although we are just four weeks into this new journey, we have managed to participate in worship only half of the time.   Life happens.  Work impedes.

  • In your area do most progressive Christian churches (Mainline Protestant congregations) offer worship gatherings only on Sunday mornings?
  • Recognizing the limited number of Sundays we may be able to visit other communities of faith, what advice do you have for us?


  1. Bob White says:

    Are you considering John C. Dorhaver’s counsel regarding Church v. 2.0 and Church v. 3.0? A 3.0 church may offer more flexibility in schedule and my guess is that 3.0 churches will more typically meet at times when 2.0 churches are not meeting. Thanks for offering this insight to me.

    Deb and I really miss you. Your leadership offered so much. It was a blessing to us.


  2. Bob, you are so right: I should not (and am not!) limiting myself to 2.0 driven communities of faith! I do, however, want to visit several of those as a part of my exploration.

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