In Search of a Church

view from the pew

photo by Greg Smith

Transition is the word that best describes my year so far.

In March my wife, Susan, relocated from Naples, Florida to Denton, Texas for her dream job.  This summer we sold our three homes in Florida and bought one in Texas (where we plan to live after extensive renovations are completed) .  Last week I relocated to Texas to join Susan and to begin my new role overseeing employee education for a healthcare company.

We are officially in search of a church (along with good restaurants, quality dry cleaners, and a long and growing list of many other local businesses to frequent).  Our church search is just starting.  So far, we have managed to attend one service together (in a congregation that definitely was not a fit).  We have had a few discussions about other nearby congregations that are clearly not a match.  We have not, however, developed a list of congregations worth exploring.

So What?

We are the rare couple with lifelong church affiliation that has no real experience with searching for a church.  For us this lack of experience comes as a result of our prior church affiliations being linked to my employment.  Put simply: our local community of faith has long been in whatever congregation I served.

  • What advice do you have for us as we start our search?   (Helpful background information: We are progressive post-denominational followers of the Way of Jesus with experiences in Mainline Protestant denominations.)
  • How did you go about finding the community of faith you are now a part of (or were last a part of if you no longer have such a connection)?

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