Most Popular Sermons


We are now almost two weeks into the second half of the year known as 2015.  A few weeks ago I shared my most popular blog posts from the first half of the year.  Today, I offer my most popular sermons from the first half of the year (based on YouTube views) in lieu of new sermon content since I am on vacation and not preaching this morning.

  1. Titleless – watch / read – a 13 min. message on humility
  2. Surprising Salaries – watch / read – a 12 min. message on the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
  3. Our Lenten Creed – watch / read – a 17 min. message on the Greatest Commandment
  4. Peace Poles, Candles, People – watch / read – a 12 min. message on peace
  5. The Easter Difference – watch / read – a 16 min. message on resurrection

So What?

Recognizing I have recently asked you not to compliment my sermons and have raised questions about the possible death (or at least evolution) of sermons, I invite you to consider watching one or more of these most popular messages (I specifically recommend watching as preaching is not the same as writing and I do not read my manuscript but rather rely on my memory of it to guide my speaking).  If you take the time to watch one of these sermons, I invite you to answer the “so what” question by sharing your reflection on how the message mattered, matters, and/or will matter in your life.

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