Top Posts of 2015 (Jan-Jun)

GenderIn a few days the second half of the year will begin.  The most popular posts here on So What Faith so far this year (based on total number of views of posts published in 2015) are

  1. Effective Leaders Ask for Feedback,
  2. World Religions in 2050,
  3. Toward Church Renewal,
  4. From Mainline to Sideline to Oldline, and
  5. Top 10 Faith Enriching Books.

Statistical Curiosities

The list includes two posts from January, two from February, and one from April.   Each post was tagged with a primary category, including two coded as trends, one as discipleship, one as book reviews, and one as leadership.  The top post received a few more hits than the second and third most popular posts combined. More than 3 in 5 readers (61%) were aged 18-34 while only about 1 in 8 were over age 55 (12%).  Most visitors were male (54%).  Also, most visitors (67%) logged on to the site from the USA.

 So What?

Over the last 6 years I have written more than 1,550 posts.  During that time I have consistently and intentionally solicited reader feedback, so perhaps it is appropriate that my most popular post so far this year focuses on how important a commitment to seeking feedback is for me and that recent research finds “an exceptionally strong correlation between asking for feedback and overall effectiveness of leaders.”

  • What is the #1 reason you visit So What Faith?
  • Which of the five posts above do you find most valuable? Explain.
  • List specific topics would you addressed during the second half of 2015.


  1. Greg, As a blogger I know the frustration of not getting feedback from readers so I thought it helpful to let you know why I read emails of your posts. Topics I find most interesting are: Church decline/renewal; Progressive identity; nones and unchurched; church 3.0: and probably most importantly, book recommendations. I would be interested in continuing the conversation on nurturing digital community. I find blogging gives me new eyes. Keep going for the next 1,500 posts. Best Regards, Rick

  2. Rick, thanks for taking the time to provide thoughtful and thought provoking feedback. All of the items on your list are a part of my future plans. While I enjoy doing book reviews I found the time commitment was too great for me to continue so I shifted to recommendations. I am tinkering with several different ways I might “update” my recommendations posts as the site continues to evolve. I don’t expect to write another 1,500 posts any time soon . . . but I never imagined I would right the first 1,500 this quickly either.

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