Sermon: Your Healing Touch

Charter-for-compassion-logoSermon Text: Luke 8:40-56

Sermon Excerpt

Have you heard about people who claim to heal in Jesus’ name by doing very unusual things?  Perhaps in flipping through channels on your television you have stopped on a curious sight only to find yourself watching a faith healer in action.

Today there are more odd options than ever before.  In my own limited quest for understanding I have found one man to be the strangest of all.  This so-called man of God is best known for holding what he calls “Miracle Crusades.”

Held in large arenas, these events include a grand finale of sorts during which specially selected audience members in need of healing are brought on stage for a personal encounter with the man’s healing touch.  The holy man, dressed in an all-white suit, listens to tearful testimonies then lays his healing hands on the hurting people.  The recipients often respond by falling down on the floor.  And, then, if their faith is strong enough, they will be healed.

I hope it goes without saying that I do not endorse the theology or the methodology of Benny Hinn.  I do, however, embrace the healing ministry of Jesus, and don’t think that we can ignore its importance in our lives.

We are called to be faith healers of a different sort.  This morning I invite you to recognize and utilize your healing touch in  . . . (read manuscript or watch video)

So What?

Christopher Maricle finds that healing was Jesus’ #1 priority based on an evaluation of all that Jesus said and did in the pages of the Gospels.  Furthermore, he suggests that followers of the Way of Jesus should also prioritize healing and can do so in at least three ways:

  1. living with compassion,
  2. saying yes to strangers, and
  3. doing what you can (The Jesus Priorities, 2007, Upper Room Books, p.23-34).

Healing doesn’t come naturally to most people.  As a follower of the Way of Jesus, what have you found most helpful in your own journey toward living as a healer?

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