Remembering Marcus Borg

Borg DinnerI knew Marcus Borg primarily through his writings.  He is the only person to be featured on my top ten books of the year list four times (the following links are to the annual listings and to my specific book reviews when available)

Patheos has created a page featuring remembrances of Marcus Borg by a long and diverse list of folks including Brian McLaren, Jenny Warner, Frederick Schmidt, Erin Wathen, and James McGrath. Religion News Service and many other news sources ran stories within twenty-four hours of his passing.  Facebook and other social media have been filled with stories of how Marcus impacted individual lives and helped shape communities of faith.

So What?

I also had the opportunity to get to know Marcus Borg on a more personal level.  I appreciate his willingness to serve as the first speaker for what has since become an annual weekend lecture series at Naples United Church of Christ (the picture above is from a patron dinner at that event).  During that weekend he and I had several one-on-one conversations.  Additionally, he graciously offered to keep in touch via e-mail.  While our notes were infrequent, they always helped me think in new ways.

  • Of Marcus Borg’s many books, which is your favorite? Why?
  • Share one of your memories of Marcus Borg.


Note: Marcus Borg’s website now has a remembering post that includes links to news stories and several popular blog posts.


  1. Bob White says:

    I liked each one of Borg’s books that I’ve read. Last one I read was The First Christmas. Two things I remember from Marcus books were (1) telling how he approached his students who told him “I don.t believe in God” and (2) the old story teller who would always say “now I’m not really sure that it happened exactly this way, but I am sure that it is true.” For anyone who wants to learn, Marcus Borg has much to offer; still!

  2. Phyllis Hackett says:

    Last Lent Lynne Holden and I co-led a study group at FMCUCC using Borg’s book, The Last Week, which he co-authored with Dominic Crossan. It gave us all some new insights into that period we call “Holy Week”. I particularly liked the book, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, and all the books he did with N T Wright. He said he had no idea what the afterlife would be like, but the God who leads us through life will also guide us through death. That he knows now for sure. He will be missed.


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    Remembering Marcus Borg

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