Top Posts of 2014

ScentAccording to the number of page visits during this calendar year, the most popular posts I wrote in 2014 are

  1. Sensory Maundy Thursday
  2. Which Disciple Are You?
  3. Pastoral Prayer: Love
  4. How Worship is Evolving
  5. Sermon: More Than Showing Up

So What?

As the year winds down I always enjoy reading a variety of top ten lists and other lists sharing top moments, experiences, and posts of the year.

  • Share a link to the most interesting Top 10 or top list of 2014 you have read so far.
  • Which of the five titles above intrigued you enough to click through?
  • Bonus: If you are a regular reader, let me know your favorite So What Faith post of 2014.



  1. Ron Thompson says:

    I would really like to sit and enjoy a service like this! I really could not, since I was so concerned how it would be received. It was “birthed” in the church office, by the church Administrator, the head of Women’s Fellowship and myself over coffee, of course! LOL!

  2. Ron, thanks for sharing your creativity and passion for participatory worship with the folks at United Church. We learn best by doing whether the subject matter is reading or religion. Blessings as you continue to innovate in 2015 and beyond!

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