Celebrating 1,500 Posts

1500This is my 1,500th blog post here at So What Faith, which offers an appropriate  reason to to reflect.  As I do so, I want to thank my readers.  While you come from all over the world, the vast majority reside in the United States.

Most Visits Originate 

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. Illinois

After nearly 5 1/2 years of writing, I recognize just how unpredictable popularity can be.  In fact only a few of the posts I would have guessed would be among my most popular all time ranked in the top 25.  Consider clicking through to a few posts that others have found to be of interest.

Most Popular Posts

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  4. 12 Marks of Convergence Christianity – posted in 2012
  5. The Acceptable Year of the Lord – MLK Jr. – posted in 2011
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  10. A Sensory Maundy Thursday – posted in 2014

Most Popular Book Reviews

  1. Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman – posted in 2011
  2. The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows by James Bryan Smith – posted in 2011
  3. Christianity After Religion: The End of the Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening by Diana Butler Bass – posted in 2012
  4. God’s Century: Resurgent Religion and Global Politics by Monica Duffy Toft, Daniel Philpott, and Timothy Samuel Shah – posted in 2011
  5. Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood by Alan Roxburgh – posted in 2011

Top Series

  1. The Future Church v.2020 – 10 Shifts – posted in 2012
  2. What’s Holding Christianity Back – posted in 2013

Top Church Visits

  1. Next Level Church – posted in 2012
  2. Naples Church of Christ – posted in 2010

So What?

I completed my doctoral degree in 2006, moved to Florida in 2007, and launched this blog in 2009.  Since launching the site, I have served three congregations in Southwest Florida –

  1. First Presbyterian Church – Naples, FL
  2. Naples United Church of Christ – Naples, FL
  3. United Church of Marco Island – Marco Island, FL –

and have taught religion at Hodges University.

With each transition, my primary ministerial focus has changed.  With each such change, the blog has shifted a bit as well.  As 2015 begins, I will begin a new role as Transitional Minister at Fort Myers Congregational UCC (Fort Myers, FL).  I look forward to that opportunity, and to the continued evolution of So What Faith.

As I begin thinking about content for 2015, I welcome your input.

  • What is the main reason you visit So What Faith?
  • What topics are you most interested in reading about?
  • What blogs do you recommend that I read on a regular basis?

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