Growth of Social Networking

Social Network Use Over TimeIn early 2005 less than 10% of American adult internet users participated in social networking.  By late 2013 the number had risen to 72%.  These statistics and the chart at right come from Pew Research survey data.

So What?

A few key matters stand out to me as I review this data:

  • the younger the internet user the higher the likelihood of participating in social networking,
  • roughly half of those aged 65+ now use social networks, and
  • ten years ago the usage rates were so low Pew Research was not yet engaged in survey research on this topic.

Social networking has changed the way people interact.  Whether your church is comprised primarily of retirees, primarily of young adults, or includes a mix of all ages, using social networks well must be a priority in your congregation’s overall communication strategy.

  • What percentage of your congregation do you think use social networks?  Has your congregation ever surveyed participants about their social habits?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how effectively do you feel your community of faith currently uses social networks? If you could offer your house of worship one piece of advice for improvement in this area, what would it be?


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