Ways to Engage Volunteers

bowdleI have been in more than a few meetings this year when someone at the table said “people don’t volunteer like they used to” or “we just don’t have enough volunteers.”  Churches should be about helping every member (as well as every active participant!) be engaged in ministry.  Creating a congregational culture that promotes volunteerism doesn’t happen by chance.

Phil Bowdle, creative arts director at West Ridge Church (Atlanta, GA), recently shared four ways his congregation improved their volunteer engagement for communications.

  1. create more roles,
  2. find a volunteer coordinator,
  3. develop job descriptions, and
  4. realize it’s not for everyone.

So What?

Bowdle doesn’t mean volunteering isn’t for everyone; he explains that communication’s ministry (his area of expertise) isn’t a good fit for all people.  Those tasked with overseeing volunteer recruitment for a specific ministry should pay close attention to Bowdle’s list.  It is also a helpful come back should you find yourself in a meeting with people who claim there simply are not enough volunteers.

  • What other use cases can you imagine for Bowdle’s list?
  • Overall, how would you rate your congregation’s commitment to having everyone engaged in ministry as a volunteer?

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