From Hallelujah to 20M Views

Pope Francis’ warmth and authenticity are among the reasons I am attracted to him.  As I listened to a recent viral video (over 20 million views in the first week) of a parish priest singing words no one expects to hear at a Catholic wedding, I found that I was drawn in by his warmth and authenticity.

So What?

There are many desirable attributes religious leaders may possess.  Which characteristics would you place atop your list for a minister/pastor/priest?


  1. Karen Hearn says:

    The Unabashed Joy and Love that their priest showered on everyone there is awesome. Tenderness between Pastor and flock fosters trust in each other. That moves the Kingdom forward here on earth because we can see Jesus in each other. I wish it were so for everyone!

  2. Eve Tschantz says:

    That was so beautiful. The time he took to shower the bride and groom with so much love, that I just don’t have words for it. But, I have to say it was a great way for me to start my day.

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