Successful People

top 8Eric Barker, the founder of the Barking Up The Wrong Tree blog, recently shared what he believes the world’s most successful people have in common.  He suggests that we can become like them if we:

  1. Stay Busy
  2. Just Say No
  3. Know What You Are
  4. Build Networks
  5. Create Good Luck
  6. Have Grit
  7. Make Awesome Mistakes
  8. Find Mentors.

So What?

I love this list!  I would not argue that a single item should be removed.

I do, however, think that some organizations (including churches and other Christian employers) do a great job at creating safe environments in which leaders are discouraged from making awesome mistakes (or really even from taking significant risks that could potentially result in such).

  • Which of the 8 do you find to be the most challenging?
  • Have a few people who know you well give you their honest assessment of which items on this list they feel you do best and which they feel you are not as skilled at or committed to doing.  Did their input confirm your self-assessment and/or did it move in a different direction?


  1. Vini Just says:

    I find the list is me except #2. It is hard for me to say”no”. I feel that. I will be dissapointing him or her. Also I feel good that they feel confident that I can do the job. I do stretch myself out to a fault.

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