SundaywisdomThe CANA Initiative (Convening, Advocating, Networking, Acting) is a collective of faith-engaged people and entities (Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, Orthodox, and other Christians who believe the future for Christian life and mission will be different in many ways from the past and present), that brings together diverse and innovative leaders to collaborate in the development of new ways of being Christian.  During Lent, Diana Butler Bass – a CANA initiator and the author of Christianity After Religion – is encouraging people of faith to participate in “A Generous Christianity Lenten Twitterfest named #sundaywisdom.”

A Twitterfest?

The idea is simple: tweet while you worship by sharing the wisdom you hear and observe using #sundaywisdom.

So What?

Diana Butler Bass, a lay woman, will be preaching each Sunday in Lent. Rather than requesting that people silence and ignore their mobile devices, she will be encouraging them to keep them in hand and to use them to tweet.  Additionally, she is asking that others follow her lead.

As someone who will be preaching every Sunday but one during Lent, I won’t be live tweeting in worship. I will, however, be encouraging folks to do so. I will schedule a few #SundayWisdom tweets, and perhaps offer some reflections on Sunday afternoons as well.

Will you contribute to a Generous Christianity Lenten Twitterfest named #sundaywisdom?  If so, share your experience. If not, explain why you have opted to abstain.

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