I Love Jesus Because

HeidiHeidi Weaver, founder and president of LOVEboldly, recently shared her list of 16 reasons why the real historical Jesus is worthy of our love, including:

  • because he is wild and passionate, zealous and out of line, unpredictable, defender of the defenseless, lover of the unlovable, friend of the most unlikely folks to receive anyone’s friendship;
  • because he defied the meaningless and empty customs of his day in exchange for redemptive relationship, boundless mercy, and hospitality to strangers; and
  • because he understands suffering, pain, brokenness, betrayal, abandonment, shame, sorrow, loneliness, terrible accusations, burnout, disappointment, being misunderstood, disillusionment, frustration, grief, and heartbreak.

So What?

Lent is a time for a more intentional pursuit of the faith.  Being a follower of the Way of Jesus should lead to a thoughtful consideration of who Jesus is.

If you love Jesus, share a few of the reasons why.  If you do not love Jesus, share your response to Weaver’s list.

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